Best Burgers, Part 7: Blue Moon’s Best Burger in Town

Best Burgers, Part 7: Blue Moon’s Best Burger in Town

Blue Moon's Best Burger in Town, Madison

Fully Loaded.

Blue Moon’s Best Burger in Town. “A half-dozen burgers on its menu, including its Best Burger in Town, and Best Cheeseburger. The Best Burger is a little bigger, a little juicier and a little messier than some of the others in this category, but it’s as tasty as can be, leaving no mistake you’ve had a burger.”

I ordered mine with Swiss and fried onions. A HALF POUND burger… there’s no mistake I had a burger for sure…I think that was post-cooked weight. My arm muscles got a good work-out. Ordered mine Medium, and had tinge of pink in the drippings collecting in my wax paper lined basket. A pretty decent sandwich. Did not stand out as awesome, but i would certainly go back. Fried onions were perfect, slightly charred, sweet. Great bun too. Heard there is a good brew selection, but as this was lunch on a workday, that will have to wait for another visit. (cash only)

Part 7 of my quest to eat the best burgers in town (as rated by Madison Magazine)

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